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MP 3 Glasses

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In hot summer, when you walk on the road, the burning sun make you fully aware of the role of the glasses is so good. 

The sunglasses can block the sunshine irradiate directly, and effectively protect the window of your soul,

What’s more, the sunglasses not only can be worn on the road, but also can be used in the other places.

However, it is just as sunglasses which seem to waste such a good material.

With the development of technology, now people can listen to the music charm with the sunglasses.
In the previous Sci-fiction film,

We can occasionally see such a special plot that people listen to music with sunglasses.

In reality life, it seems nothing more than fantasy, and always feel that is very far away from us.

But we have always ignored the science and technology information on the impact of our life.

When you didn’t discover this, the only thing inside the film had appeared in front of us.

This is a product which perfectly combines the high technology with the fashion, all the come from the ePathChina.

Are simple and easy to use, and ergonomic designs for a long time to wear? In the materials aspect,

We use the special sunglasses’ lens, this kind of sunglasses is high compressive strength,

Abrasion resistance, it can isolate from glare and ultraviolet ray and effectively protect eyes from glare and ultraviolet ray.

In the function aspect, this series of sunglasses MP3 support many high definition music formats, such as MP3,

WMA etc., restore the perfect stereo sound, support driver-free U disk function, plug and play,

Don’t need management procedures, adopt the reusable rechargeable Li -Polymer battery.

It can last more than 5 hours of continuous playback, support USB2.0 interface.

Built-in Bluetooth module, it can be used to answer the call.

The sunglasses MP3 built-in HD camera

you can shoot the high quality AVI format screen at anytime and anywhere, let you capture every wonderful moments in your life.
All in all, sunglass M P 3 Players is not only a single sunglasses, but also set bluetooth, camera, MP3 player.

Compared with the traditional MP3 player, sunglasses MP3 player without the restraint of headphone cable, and when using it is more portable and free.

The sunglasses MP3 is even more fashionable, trendy and personality.

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MP 3 Glasses

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