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Nokia 6020 for sale good condition , graphics and business, the message creating, to 250 articles

  • Location:Lahore, Pakistan
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Apr 04
  • Phone:>03314939790
  • Price:Rs 2,000
Phone latter is very comfortable to use, which are fortunately not too big to fit in the pocket of the user. Therefore, Nokia unveiled 6020. Nokia 6020 stylish look to a large extent and can resist any keyboard CDs, which also includes a joystick. Weight of Nokia 6020 is 90g, and it measures 106mm x 20mm x 44mm, 73cc. Working with Tri-band coverage on five continents, EGSM900/GSM1800/1900 with automatic switching between bands. Receiver consists of a user interface Series 40, a large, color display resolution high, and support up to 65,536 colors, 128 × 128 pixels, and the graphical user interface with selectable themes, a keyboard is very convenient and very located well and that is big enough to not to create tension on the finger of the user. Apart from these it also has a compact digital camera VGA, and resolution 640 × 480 pixels. Formats available are displayed JPEG, GIF, GIF vitality, BMP and WBMP. With respect to connectivity, the phone has to include infrared, USB with Pop-Port interface, and synchronization of the local photo gallery, contacts and calendar to PC using Nokia PC Suite, after the over-the-air synchronization with SyncML, Send and receive images, video clips, graphics and business cards and calendar to manage large tables and daily meetings and events. To transfer data, EGPRS multi-slot class 6, up to 177.6 kbps, GPRS multi-slot class 10, up to 80 kbps, HSCSD multislot class 6, up to 43.2 kilobits per second. It also includes Java applications any Java MIDP 2.0, pre-installed Java application and usefulness of the game midlets and downloadable applications, including new customers and travel guides. Graphics, icons, animations, logos are available with digital services. It allows the user to download new games. There ringing MIDI, alert, and gaming tones with support for up to 16 votes. The user can also download new themes including animated wallpapers, and on-screen animation, and color schemes and ringing tones. To review the Nokia 6020 and download the images, the search system XHTML, and browsing over TCP / IP Smart content download - OMA DRM 1.0 provide the OTA, Mobile wallet for online transactions and storing information such as credit card numbers and user names and passwords. And allows the user to SMS messages images, as well as text messages. To MMS, and provide it with 1.0 MMS image of the message creating, receiving, editing, and sending with AMR voice clips and SMIL. The user can access to email accounts whether work or personal, supportsPOP3, IMAP4 protocols and SMTP-TCP/IP quo. Also e-mail via SMS. The user can also chat and also have distribution lists. Precisely VGA camera enables the user to capture images in portrait mode, although it is of average quality. The user can camcord for up to 50 seconds. That have been contacted and most important of all stores on the phone and call management, received and missed calls. Rapid communication system is available. Memory can not store up to 100 to 250 articles. Stop doing that, and memory size of a total of 2.5 MB. There are no barriers to much except the usual battery problem. Nokia claims to be able to work up to 3 hours in the development and talktime of up 260 hours in standby mode while sources claim that for 4 days, the device works for 30 minutes of talks and up to 10 minutes of using other functions. Otherwise, it seems that there are problems in a very small number of the phone gives. Yes, the phone does not notsupport the form of MP3. The phone as I mentioned before is stylish and looks awesome. So, go for it. The phone is available for the two colors, gray blue, semi-white. Price: INR Rs. About 2000. Sales package contents Nokia 6020 Phone Battery BL-5B 760 mAh Li-Ion Standard Charger ACP-7 or Travel Charger ACP-12 (by country) User's Guide

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Nokia 6020 for sale good condition , graphics and business, the message creating,  to 250 articles

Nokia 6020 for sale good condition , graphics and business, the message creating, to 250 articles

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